Go Green Ozarks
Self-Reliance Festival
October 17 and 18, 2015
Saturday 9 am – 6 pm
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
Donations appreciated!
Thayer City Park by the Rodeo Arena, Thayer, Missouri
Supporting Preparedness, Celebrating Heritage,
Growing Our Local Economy, Promoting Self-Reliance,
Learning How to Save Lives During Disasters
Featuring 16 Expert Speakers On:
Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies, Modern Homesteading, Food Freedom, Making Your Own Biodiesel or Alcohol Fuel, Niche Farming Profits, Steam Engines to Make Electricity for Your Home, Solar Energy, Geothermal, Wind Power, Steam Engines for Electricity
Draft Horses, Wool Spinning Demonstrations, Herbal Medicines, Heritage Breed Hogs, Dairy & Meat Goats, Sheep, Organic Gardening, Bee Keeping, Scottish Highland Cattle, Petting Zoo, Sheep, Chickens, Turkeys, Aquaponics, Learn how to make a rocket stove
Explore How To Be Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient and Be Prepared!
Don’t just survive, THRIVE! Strengthen family bonds through self-sufficiency, stay alive, and live a better life!
Attend This Event To Make Sure You & Your Family Will Be Prepared for:
MAN-MADE DISASTERS: Terrorist threats, social collapse, nuclear reactor
NATURAL DISASTERS: Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Pandemic
ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Do you have cash, gold, silver, barter items?
Special Outdoor Exhibits Including ATVs!
Special demonstrations covering Archery with both modern compound bows and handmade Native American style long bows, Atlatl spear throwing sticks, hunting slingshots, tactical shooting demos and self-defense tactics!
Live Music – Bluegrass, Country & Western, Gospel, Blues Performances
Carnival for the Kids with Ferris Wheel and Other Rides!!!!
Free Money in the Hay Bale Activity for Kids
Activities for the Kids
Call (417) 264-2435
email mike65807@yahoo.com
Go Green Ozarks Self Reliance Festival
The Go Green Self Reliance Festival is dedicated to promoting and supporting the local economy, sustainable living, agriculture, alternative renewable energy, preparedness, and positive community activities, held in Thayer, Missouri in the Ozarks on the Missouri Arkansas border. The festival averages 16 speakers, 150 vendors and 3,000 or more in attendance.
Mike Slack, the organizer is a homesteader, a writer and veteran of US Army Intelligence. His articles on preparedness topics have appeared in several issues of The Survivalist magazine.


Michael Don Slack shared a status.
22 hours ago
Speakers Announced for Go Green Self Reliance Festival
Speakers have been announced for the 2014 Go Green Self Reliance Festival, to be held June 21 and 22 in Thayer City Park by the rodeo arena. According to event organizers this year’s speakers cover a variety of topics and feature both local and nationally known personalities.
Bob Gascon of Black Dog Survival School will make presentations on Practical Preparedness and on Caring for Your Pets During Emergencies. Gascon is a national leader in preparedness. John Price, president of the West Plains HAM Radio Club will speak on using radio for emergency communications. Doug Brethower of Springfield and Jim Hart of West Plains will discuss Wood Gas Energy and the MSU Renewable Energy Program and will show both a firewood powered generator for making home electricity and a firewood and wood gas powered pickup truck. Dr. Howard Mainprize of Thayer will discuss Biofuels and Making Your Own Diesel. Lynette Pate of Branson, an Organic Guru will speak on Fuel for the Body Through Organics and Raising the Quality of Your Diet and Your Life. Mike Brown of Springfield, a well- known author, will demonstrate a steam engine used to create home electric power. A representative of Preferred Energy will speak on Solar Power for the Home. Other speakers will include Dave Lohr of Kosh Trading Post on Survival in the Wild, Dan Collins on Survival by Preparedness, Dawn McPherson on Medical Care When There is No Doctor, Robin Gilbert on Foods that Heal, Shekhinah Golden Dove Davis on The Self Sufficient Homestead, Mike Evans of Americas Voice Now on Firearms for Preparedness and Protecting Freedom and Doreen Hanes on Agenda 21 and radio host John More on Climate Change (Not Man Made) and How to Prepare.
Music for the festival is also scheduled according to Music Director Donnie Finley. Finley says the entertainers on tap include many local musicians playing Gospel, Country and Bluegrass music. Games and activities for children are also scheduled including the Money in a Hay Bale event. Parking assistance will be provided by the young men of Masters Ranch.
The Go Green Festival runs 9 am to 6 pm both days. Volunteers are still needed. Admission is free and vendors are free and encouraged to attend. This is the 6th Go Green Self Reliance Festival, which is sponsored by the Thayer-Mammoth Springs Saddle Club. To volunteer, register as a vendor or receive more information call 417-264-2435.

For the Fall Meeting scheduled for October 12th & 13th.

February 26, 2013

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Another good article from Soulsby Small Farm

Loved the directions from Soulsby Farms.

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What a blast it was! From plants to posterity, we were shown how to do more for our own health and life. We had thousands of visitors and vendors with Go Green themes. We had baby goats, baby chix and baby quail. For fun we had slides, music and hay dunking. For crops we had organic fertilizers, seeds, and techniques. We had talks on raising goats, building an Aquaponic Greenhouse, and building a still for Ethanol, Biochar composting and burning, getting water from a dead well, and how to save seeds. We learned how to avoid GMO products and how to get involved to take back small farms. Ideas were generated for the next Go Green in October 2012. See ya there. 

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